How to Block Ads on Apple TV in Two Ways

Block Ads on Apple TV

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  • Block Ads using Settings: On Apple TV, select Settings > General > Privacy > Limit Ad Tracing > Turn On.
  • Using Ad-Blocker (Extinct): Apple TV lets users block the ads using a third-party ad-blocker app called Adblock TV app.
  • Block YouTube Ads: Go to Apple TV Settings > Network > Configure DNS > Manual > Enter DNS as or > Done > Restart Apple TV > Launch YouTube to watch without ads.

Apple TV has become a popular streaming device lately. Lately, the users are provided with lots of useful features and customization options like changing the screensaver on Apple TV. Also, the TV itself cares about your privacy and security a lot. Nevertheless, commercials or ads have become an integral part of the streaming industry for quite some time. Eventually, ads are also becoming the most annoying thing for anyone who is looking for uninterrupted streaming. You don’t have to watch those annoying ads anymore as you can block Ads on Apple TV 4K or HD with the inbuilt ad-blocking feature.

Are there Ads on Apple TV

With all these years of development, Apple ensured to provide the users with a picture-perfect streaming experience. At times Apple delivers all its important announcements as ads. Apple TV, by default, will study your browsing history and searches and provide ad recommendations on the App Store and Apple News. They are called as personalized ads and the users can remove them. Apart from this, many streaming services and applications also bring more ads, especially YouTube.

Why Block Advertisement on Apple TV

  • Upon blocking ads on tvOS, you need not waste a minute or two watching them.
  • The video or page will load faster and more efficiently.
  • Blocking ads will limit the advertisers from tracking you.
  • Few services cost you just to block the ads. So, you can use the device settings to save some bucks.

How to Block Ads on Apple TV

On Apple TV, you can block advertisements in two ways. You can either use the Settings menu or use a third-party application. Let us discuss two different ways in which you can remove ads on Apple TV.

How to Block Ads on Apple TV in 2022 using Settings

This will block only the interest-based applications by Apple in the App Store and any other apps like Apple News. It will also reduce the various other recommendations too. It doesn’t block the ads on other apps like YouTube or any other application.

1: Turn on your Apple TV. If you haven’t set it up already, set it up first.

2: From the Apple TV home screen, navigate to Settings.

Block Ads on Apple TV

3: There, choose the General option. And then choose Privacy.

Privacy Settings

4: Scroll down to find the advertising option.

5: Then, tap on Limited Ad tracking. And then turn it on.

Turn on Limit Ad tracking - Block Ads on Apple TV

How to Block Ads on Apple TV: Third-Party Application

You can get various ad-blocking applications for the Apple TV from the App Store. But still, Adblock TV is the best ad blocker for Apple TV as of now. The app is officially available on the App Store. You can download this Apple TV adblock app and enjoy the ad-free streaming of various applications. It costs $2.99 and provides an ad-free experience all day. But still, use it at your discretion. Still, we don’t have that many applications.

Important Update: Apple has removed the Adblock TV app from the App Store for tvOS, and it is no longer compatible with the Apple TV.

How to Block YouTube Ads on Apple TV 4K & Below Models

If you are using YouTube on Apple TV and want to get rid of YouTube ads that appear, the below steps are all that you need to follow.

1: From the Apple TV home, open the Settings app.

Settings - Block Ads on Apple TV

2: Navigate to click on the Network option.

Select Network to Change DNS

3: Apple TV will display the current network configuration.

4: Go ahead to select Configure DNS.

5: Now, choose the option, Manual.

6: You shall enter the DNS as or

7: Upon entering the new DNS, you shall click on the Done button.

8: To make the changes come into effect, you should Restart Apple TV to remote YouTube ads on Apple TV.

9. Now, launch the YouTube app, and stream videos without ads.

That’s how you can easily block advertising on your Apple TV. As the device itself has an in-built ad-blocker, Apple has limited the number of third-party ad-blocker apps on the App Store. Upon blocking the ads, Apple TV users can stream any movie or show without ad interruption. With this, you will not find the ads even while using the Apple Store and streaming Apple News. It is the most affordable option to block ads on Apple TV if you don’t want to get the premium subscription plan that lets you block the ads on all your streaming services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there ads on Apple TV?

Yes. Apple TV will bring you ads on Apple News and App Store based on your search history and browsing data.

How to block Hulu ads on Apple TV?

You can either get the Hulu (No Ads) plan or try the above methods to block the ads on the Apple TV.

How do you block ads on Apple TV?

The users can remove ads on Apple TV by enabling the limited ad tracking feature.