Bravo is one of the streaming platforms which offers the latest Movies, TV Shows, Series, Live TV, and much more content. You can watch all the Bravo video titles anytime you want. In addition to that, you can also cast the videos on your TV and other casting devices. Recently, the Bravo app is released for Apple TV. Now, you can install the Bravo app on your Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

However, the limitation in the Apple TV device is that you can’t install any apps on the Apple TV 3rd Gen or lower. For the older version, you have to screen mirror or AirPlay the Bravo app to your Apple TV.

Steps to Install Bravo on Apple TV

[1] Connect your Apple TV with a good internet connection.

[2] Go to the App Store and click on it.

Bravo on Apple TV

[3] Select the Search option from the top of the screen.

Bravo on Apple TV

[4] In the search field, type Bravo app and search for it.

[5] Click on the Bravo app from the suggestion list and select the Install option for downloading.

[6] After installing, launch the app by clicking the Open button.

[7] Now, the Bravo app will display on your TV.

How to Activate Bravo on Apple TV

[1] Open the Bravo app from your TV.

[2] The app will display the activation code on your TV screen. Take note of it.

[3] On your web browser, go to the Bravo TV activation site.

[4] In the respective field, enter the activation code and click the Continue button.

Activation code

[5] Then, choose the TV provider.

[6] Now, the Bravo app gets activated on your TV.

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How to AirPlay Bravo on Apple TV

[1] Connect your iPhone or iPad to the same WiFi network as that of your Apple TV.

[2] Install the Bravo app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

[3] Open the Bravo app and sign in with your account.

[4] On the app screen, tap the AirPlay icon. You can also tap the AirPlay icon from the playback screen.

[5] A list of devices will appear. Tap on the Apple TV device.

[6] Now, play any video from the Bravo app. It will appear on your Apple TV.


1. Is Bravo available on Apple TV?

Yes, you can get the app on your Apple TV either from the App Store or by AirPlay.

2. Is there a Bravo app for Smart TV?

Yes, the Bravo app is available for Smart TVs like Samsung and Android TVs,