Who wouldn’t love Cartoon Network? Especially children of the ’80s and 90’s they grew up with this exciting TV channel that telecast all anime and cartoon movies, series, and TV shows. But now, no one prefers cable channels. So each and every channel came up with their standalone streaming apps. Likewise, Cartoon Network came up with their own application with which you can stream all the cartoon series and shows. The app is available for Amazon App Store, so we can watch Cartoon Network on Amazon Firestick.

Cartoon Network on Amazon Firestick

Cartoon Network app is officially available on the Amazon App Store. There is also an alternative way to download the app by using the browser on your PC.

How to Install Cartoon Network on Firestick

1). Connect your Firestick to your TV. Turn on the device and then connect it to the internet.

Firestick Home

2). From the Firestick home screen, go to the Search option.

Search - Firestick

3). Now, type Cartoon Network with the help of the on-screen keyboard and Fire TV remote.

4). Choose the Cartoon Network app from the search results.

5). On the app installation page, click on the Get or Download tab.

Cartoon Network on Firestick

The app will be installed on Amazon Firestick. Now log in with the channel service provider like pay-TV providers.

Alternative Way to Download Cartoon Network on Firestick

Cartoon Network on Firestick - Amazon App Store
  • Open the web browser on your smartphone or PC.
  • Go to Amazon App Store.
  • Search for Cartoon Network.
  • Choose the app from the search results.
  • On the app info screen, click on the Get or Download tab.

Cartoon Network on Firestick: Streaming Service Providers

We can download and install the available streaming service providers on Amazon Fire TV Stick and start streaming Cartoon Network video content. The Cartoon Network channel is available on Sling TV, AT&T TV, YouTube TV, Philo TV, and more. Install any of the live TV apps on your Firestick and get to stream the Cartoon Network channel. If you have any doubts about installing these apps, check our guide on how to install YouTube TV on Firestick and Philo TV on Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you get Cartoon Network on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, you can. The app is available on the Amazon App Store and can be installed on any Firestick device.

2. Is the Cartoon Network app free?

Yes, the Cartoon Network app is available for free.