Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV devices have a major advantage, the ability to install apps and games through apk files. As the Fire OS is very similar to Android OS, most of the Android apps can be installed on Firestick. Like that, you can easily install Cinema HD on Firestick by downloading the apk file. With Cinema HD on Firestick, you can watch free movies & series, access Real-Debrid contents, integrate, and more.

Cinema HD is a free streaming app that offers all the latest movies and TV shows. You can find video contents that are available on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO NOW, Hulu, Disney+, and other streaming platforms in the app,. The Cinema HD app is available for Android smartphones, Firestick, and other Android-based devices. In this guide, we will guide you on how to install the Cinema HD on Firestick and Fire TV devices.

How to Install Cinema HD on Firestick?

Cinema HD app is not available on the Amazon App Store. To install the app, you need to use the Downloader app.


(1) Turn on your Firestick and go to the Settings option.

Settings option

(2) Choose the My Fire TV option. In older Fire TV devices, choose the Device option.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(3) Tap on the Developer options on the Device menu.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(4) Under Developed options, choose the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(5) On the confirmation pop-up, choose the Turn On button.

Turn on

How to Install Cinema HD on Firestick Using Downloader?

(1) Open the Downloader app on your Firestick. If you don’t have the app, check our guide on how to install the Downloader for Firestick.

(2) Click the Search bar and type the Cinema HD’s apk download link After that, click the Go button.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(3) The apk file will start to download. Wait for the download to complete.

(4) Now, click the Install button.

Install button

(5) When the installation is completed, click the Open button to launch the Cinema HD app.

Open button


The apps like Cinema HD will track your online data and show ads based on your interests. To save your data from these trackers and to protect your personal information, use VPNs. Premium VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are having servers in more than 90 countries. Install any one of the VPN and stay anonymous while streaming.

How to Use Cinema HD on Firestick?

(1) Open the Cinema HD app on your Firestick.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(2) The following screen will appear. Click the OK button.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(3) Then, all the series and movies will appear. Choose your favorite content and watch them.

Cinema HD on Firestick

Procedure to Integrate Real-Debrid with Cinema HD

(1) Click the Hamburger icon (Menu icon) on the top left of the app screen.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(2) Go to the Settings option.

Settings option

(3) Under Settings, click on the Login to Real-Debrid option.

Login to Real-Debrid

(4) Note the Real-Debrid code displayed on the screen.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(5) Now, on your smartphone or PC, go to the Real-debird website.

(6) Enter the code in the specified area and tap on the Continue button.

Continue button

(7) Then, on your Firestick, it will automatically be logged in to your Real-Debrid account.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(8) Go back to the Cinema HD home screen and search for any movie.

(9) Choose the movie from the list.

(10) The contents that appear in yellow color are the Real-Debrid content.

Cinema HD on Firestick

Procedure to Integrate Trakt TV on Cinema HD

(1) Go to the Settings page and click on the Login to Trakt TV option.

(2) Like the Real-Debrid account, it will display activation code.

(3) Take your smartphone or PC and go to the Trakt TV website.

(4) Enter the activation code and click the Continue button.

(5) The success page will appear.

(6) Now, on your Firestick, it will show Trakt-TV authorized.

Procedure to Add Subtitles in Cinema HD on Firestick

Subtitles are the lifesavers for other languages movies. You can add subtitles in any language in the Cinema HD app.

(1) Choose any video content to watch.

(2) Click on the Subtitle icon on the top right corner.

Subtitle icon

(3) A list of subtitle with different languages will appear. Choose your preferred language.

Cinema HD on Firestick

Procedure to Change Video Player on Cinema HD on Firestick

Cinema HD allows you to change the video player for your preferences. Though it has a built-in video player, you can change the video player to your own.

(1) Go to Setting on the app.

(2) Navigate to the Choose default player option.

(3) The video players available on your Firestick will appear. Choose your preferred one.

(4) Then the chosen player will be your default video player.

Procedure to Remove Ads in Cinema HD

While streaming any video or using Cinema HD, you will get ads. To remove all the ads, you can activate your ad-free membership. To do so,

(1) Click the Hamburger icon on the top-left side of the screen.

(2) Navigate to the Member Activation option under the Communicate tab.

Member Activation

(3) Click on the Pay with Bitcoin button.

Pay with Bitcoin

(4) Now, different ad-free options will appear. Choose your preferred one and click Next.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(5) On the next screen, enter your mail ID and tap on the Next button.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(6) Then, you need to send the subscription money to the address mentioned there.

Cinema HD on Firestick

(7) When the payment is successful, you will get access to ad-free streaming.

Prase Error issues

When you try to update the app with the built-in downloader, you will get the Prase error. The apk mentioned in the article is the latest one. You don’t need to update the app. If a new update comes, update the apk by using the Downloader app. So, you won’t get the Parse error.

Install the Cinema HD app on Firestick and get to stream all the latest movies & TV shows on your Fire TV. When you are updating the app, use the Downloader app. If you have any trouble using the app, let us know in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Cinema HD legal?

No, the Cinema HD app is not legal. Use VPNs while streaming video content using Cinema HD.

2. Do you need a VPN for Cinema HD?

Yes, you need a powerful VPN to disable the trackers in the Cinema HD app.

3. Does Cinema APK still work?

Yes, unlike Terrarium TV, Cinema HD is working well and delivering new content frequently.