Cinemax is an over the top platform that features movies and original series. In Cinemax, you will get video content from HBO too. Unfortunately, the Cinemax app is not available on the App Store for Apple TV. We can access the channel with various streaming providers like Hulu, DIRECTV, Xfinity, and Spectrum TV. So watching Cinemax on Apple TV has more than one way and will add more and more contents to stream apart from the Cinemax contents. Moreover, there is this Max Go channel that stream the contents of the Cinemax is also an option. Proceed further where we discussed the ways briefly.

Cinemax on Apple TV

Cinemax doesn’t have a dedicated app to stream the contents on the Apple TV. But still, we have got few ways by which you can stream the Cinemax contents on your Apple TV.

How to Screen Mirror Cinemax on Apple TV: Using iOS

  • Pull out the Control Centre.
  • Tap the Screen Mirroring icon.
iPhone Control Center
  • Choose your Apple TV from the list.
  • Now, open the Cinemax app or install the app from the App Store.
  • Stream any video title from the Cinemax app.
  • It will be mirrored to your Apple TV.

How to Screen Mirror Cinemax on Apple TV: Using Mac

  • Turn on your Apple TV and connect to the WiFi network.
  • Connect your Mac to the same WiFi network as that of your Apple TV.
  • Open the Safari browser on your Mac.
  • And go to the Cinemax website (
  • Now, click the AirPlay icon and choose your Apple TV.
  • Then, stream any video from the Cinemax website. It will appear on your Apple TV.
Screen mirror on Menu bar - Mac

How to Get Cinemax on Apple TV: Using Service Providers


Cinemax on Apple TV

Another best option to stream the Cinemax on Apple TV is the AT&T TV Now. It offers 100+ channels like Fox, CBS, NBC, HBO, AMC, A&E, etc. And it allows two simultaneous streams at a time. Moreover, AT&T Now offers 20 hours of cloud DVR storage too. But it is a bit costlier when compared to the other services. As far as on-demand library contents, you can get 1000s of on-demand videos, including movies and TV shows. And it also has got AT&T Watch TV app. And it does also offer the Cinemax contents, but there are few limitations.

  • Plus – $65/month for 40+ channels,
  • Max – $80/month for 50+ channels,
  • Choice – $85/month for 110+ channels,
  • Entertainment pack – $93/month for 65+ channels
  • Xtra – $124/month for 105+ channels,
  • Ultimate – $135/month for 125+ channels.



Hulu is one of the best options to watch Cinemax on Apple TV. The Hulu app is available on the App Store. And you can download Hulu on Apple TV and start streaming its live TV options. Along with Cinemax, we can get 60+ other channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, AMC, HGTV, etc. Moreover, with Hulu + Live TV subscription, you can stream to 2 devices simultaneously. Hulu also provides 50 hours of additional DVR storage with which you can save your programs to watch them later. And about its on-demand library, Hulu has got an ocean of on-demand content to stream.

  • Basic Hulu + Live TV – $54.99/month
  • Hulu Premium + Live TV – $60.99/month (Ad-free version)

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Amazon Prime | Channels

Cinemax on Apple TV

Amazon Prime Channels is another streaming service provider that offers Cinemax content. It has got the channels, and you can add Cinemax to Amazon Prime at $9.99/month. But then you also should pay for Amazon Prime too. This is one of the options to watch Cinemax on Apple TV. You can get the app by downloading it from the App Store. Then log in to your Prime account to access the contents.

  • Cinemax at $9.99/month extra along with either of the following packages
  • Amazon Prime Monthly subscription – $12.99/month
  • Amazon Prime Yearly subscription – $119.99/year

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you watch Cinemax on Apple TV?

Yes, you can. You can screen mirror the app from your iOS or Mac device. Or you can get a live TV subscription.

2. Is Cinemax free with Amazon Prime?

No. With Amazon Prime, you need to buy a Cinemax subscription worth $9.99 per month.