After 17 years wait, the Friends Reunion is all set to be aired on 27th May 2021, on HBO Max. Friends show was so popular it has got billions of fans all around the world. Friends is a sitcom TV series that is aired for 10 years with 10 seasons straight. The show started on 2nd September 1994 and ended on 6th May 2004. Each and every Friends fan wanted another season of the series. Unfortunately, the producers don’t want to spoil the magic by having another season. Still, from 2004 every fan was waiting for a reunion of the cast just to see them all together on the apartment. If you have an Apple TV and wondering how to stream Friends Reunion, then you are in the right place.

Friends Reunion on Apple TV

You can stream Friends Reunion on Apple TV with the HBO Max app. HBO Max app is officially available on the Apple TV’s App Store. HBO Max subscription costs $14.99/month.

How to Watch Friends Reunion on Apple TV

(1) Launch your Apple TV and from the home screen, click on the App Store to navigate to the Apple TV App Store.

HBO Max on Apple TV

(2) You can find the HBO Max app in the front, if not, click on the Search option.

(3) Type HBO Max on the provided text field.

HBO Max on Apple TV

(4) Now, select the HBO Max app.

(5) Click on the Get icon.

(6) Click the Open icon to launch the HBO Max app on your Apple TV.

(7) Tap the Sign-in option. The HBO Max activation code will appear on the screen.

(8) Visit the HBO Max website on your PC or smartphone.

(9) Enter the activation code in the provided text field and click on Next.

HBO Max on Apple TV

(10) Once the activation is successful, wait for the app on your Apple TV to refresh and load the contents. Open the HBO Max app on 27th May and stream Friends Reunion on Apple TV.

Alternative Way to Stream Friends Reunion on Apple TV

If you are an Apple TV 3rd Gen user, you can’t install any apps due to the absence of the App Store. You have to use your iPhone or iPad to AirPlay the apps on Apple TV.

(1) Install the HBO Max on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

(2) Connect your Apple TV and iOS device to the same WiFi network.

(3) Open the HBO Max app on 27th May and stream the Friends Reunion show.

(4) While streaming, tap the AirPlay icon and choose your Apple TV.

(5) The Friends Reunion video will appear on your Apple TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I stream Friends Reunion on the HBO Max?

The official sources confirm that the show will be exclusively uploaded on the HBO Max streaming service on 27the May 2021.

2. How the fans outside the USA can stream the Friends Reunion?

You can use a VPN and stream the Friend Reunion.