How to Cast to MI Box using Android, iPhone, and PC

How to Cast Content to MI Box

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  • From Cast Compatible Apps: On your smartphone, launch Cast-compatible app > Select a title > Cast icon > Choose Mi Box > Watch the media on TV.
  • Screen Cast from Android: Open an app > Login & play a media > Go to Notifications Panel > Cast or Screen Cast > Choose Mi Box to cast to.
  • Using Google Home: Launch Google Home app > Choose Media > Mi Box > Launch an app > Choose a title > Start watching on TV.
  • Screen Mirror from iOS: Download Streamer for Chromecast TV > Launch it > Start Mirroring > Mi Box > Play a media.
  • Cast from PC: Launch Chrome > Menu > Cast > Mi Box > Cast tab under Sources drop-down > visit a streaming website > Play a video to cast to TV.

Mi Box by Xiaomi is a 4K Android TV setup box that will work as the best cable TV replacement. You will find lots of the best apps for Mi Box, and it comes with an in-built Google Chromecast. With this, you can easily Cast content to your Mi Box without relying on any third-party application. So, you no longer need to look at your favorite movie or TV show on your tiny handheld.

You can use Android, iPhone, or even desktops to cast contents to your Xiaomi Mi Box. Since this streaming box supports HDR quality videos, you can even cast videos with a tap on the cast icon from popular apps like Sling TV, YouTube, Vudu, Netflix, etc. You can even wirelessly cast music, photos, and more from a small screen to your Mi Box. 

How to Cast Content to MI Box

You can cast content to the Mi Box either from your Smartphone or Computer. It is a handy option if you don’t want to sideload the app on MI Box. But before that, you must have a few things in prior.

  1. Connect your Xiaomi Mi Box to your TV unit using the HDMI port.
  2. Power on your TV, Mi Box.
  3. Make sure to connect your Mi Box and casting devices to the same WiFi network.

How to Cast Android Phone to Mi Box S

The media or app you choose from your Android or iPhone/iPad must have built-in Google Cast support. Carry out the steps below if your app has cast compatibility.

Cast Icon - Cast Content to MI Box

Note: For example, you can stream YouTube on Mi Box as it is one of the compatible Chromecast apps, and you can click on the Cast icon to stream the video on your MI Box-connected TV.

(1) Launch the application you want to cast from an Android phone.

(2) Now, search and play your desired video on your phone.

(3) Look at the Top Right corner for the Cast Icon. Tap on it.

(4) You will now find the devices to which you can cast the content.

(5) Go ahead to select the Mi Box to which you like to cast by tapping the name.

(6) Now, the content will be cast on your TV.

How to Screen Cast to MI Box from Android Smartphone

Android smartphone users can use the built-in screencast option to cast the content to Mi Box. The steps below will help if you want to cast a media or video from those apps that aren’t cast compatible.

(1) Connect your Android smartphone and your Mi Box to the same WIFI.

(2) Launch an app on your Android handheld that has no cast option.

(3) Login if needed and select a title to play on your smartphone.

(4) Go to the Notification Panel on your phone and click on the Cast or Screen Cast icon.

Cast to Mi Box

(5) Choose the Mi Box from the available devices to cast to.

(6) You have cast phone to Mi Box successfully.

How to Screen Mirror iOS to Mi Box

If you want to mirror your iOS screen to your Mi Box from those apps that aren’t cast compatible, the below steps will help you out. Since you cannot AirPlay to Xiaomi Mi Box, you need to rely on a third-party casting app to mirror iPhone to Mi Box.

(1) Firstly, connect your iOS and Mi Box TV to the same WIFI.

(2) Download and install Streamer for Chromecast TV app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

(3) Launch the app and click on the Start Mirroring button.

(4) Choose your Mi Box TV to which you want to establish a connection.

(5) Now, launch the app or media you want to cast, and you will find it on the Mi Box S.

How to Cast Content from Smartphone Via Google Home App

If you have an app that doesn’t feature a built-in cast option, you shall proceed with casting it to Mi Box via the Google Home app.


If you have an app that doesn’t feature a built-in cast option, you shall proceed with casting via the Google Home app.

(1) Launch the Google Home app on your handheld.

(2) Navigate to click on the Media.

(3) Select your Mi Box from the available device.

(4) Launch the app you want to cast to Mi Box from your phone.

(5) With this, you will find your smartphone screen on your TV.

How to Cast PC to Mi Box

(1) Launch the Google Chrome web browser on your PC.

(2) Open the media you would like to cast.

(3) You can find the Three dotted Menu option in the Top Right Corner. Click on it, and it shows the list of Menu options.

Google Chrome Cast

(4) Select Cast and from the list of available devices, choose the Mi Box.

(5) Choose the Cast tab option under the Sources drop-down. With that, the media playing on your PC will be cast onto your TV.

  • Choose Cast desktop if you want to cast the entire desktop to your Mi Box TV.

If you want to stream content from your Mac book, better go for HDMI port connections. Though few apps are helping with the AirPlay, the experience is still awful.

That’s all. You can cast and enjoy streaming your favorite titles from your phone or PC on Xiaomi Box in different ways. Casting is beneficial if you don’t want to use the Mi Box device space. When you find Mi Box not casting, then it may be due to the internet connectivity issue. Ensure to use stable internet on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cast on Xiaomi Mi Box without WIFI?

Casting to Mi Box doesn’t require WIFI. All you need is a cast-compatible app and Chromecast-supported Mi Box TV.

2. Can I cast Netflix to Mi Box?

Yes. You can cast Netflix from a PC or phone to Mi Box.

3. Can I cast the laptop to Mi Box?

Yes. You can cast your laptop to your Xioami Box 4K with the help of the Chrome browser.