A lot of times, almost any of us would have heard about jailbreaking Firestick and iPhone. It is the process of installing a third-party app by removing the restrictions given by the device manufacturer. In most cases, a smart TV will be jailbroken using Kodi, the best third-party app for the unlimited streaming experience. As far as MXQ Pro 4K is considered, the device comes with Kodi. i.e., the device is jailbroken and fully loaded. Besides Kodi, users can even jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box using the Downloader app. This is dealt with in brief here in this section.

How to Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box?

Here are the steps you should carry out to jailbreak your MXQ Pro 4K Android box.


(1) On your MXQ Pro 4K box, select the Settings tab.

Select Settings - Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box

(2) Select Device Preferences option.

Select Device Preferences

(3) Click on Security & restrictions under preferences.

Security and restrictions

(4) Choose Unknown Sources option.

Choose Unknown Sources

(5) Select Chrome and tap the slider to Turn On it.

Choose Chrome - Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box

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Procedure to Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box (Android TV)

Upon using MXQ Pro 4K on Android TV, jailbreaking the device using Downloader is relatively easy.

(1) On your Android TV box, select Google Play Store tile to open and launch it.

(2) Use the search bar of the Play Store to search for Downloader app.

(3) Click on the same from the suggestions list.

(4) On its app information screen, select Install button to download it.

(5) After the installation, click on Open button to launch Downloader on MXQ Pro 4K.

Now install any APK file on your MXQ Pro and jailbreak the device with ease.

Procedure to Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box (Stock Android)

If your MXQ Pro 4K Box doesn’t have Google Play Store, then follow the steps given below to jailbreak it.

Important: The images below on taken from the Android box running on Android 9 for reference purposes. Otherwise, you will have to go ahead with the same steps on your MXQ Pro 4K with slightly different options.

(1) Get back to the device home screen to select Chrome tile.

Select Chrome

(2) On the address bar, type the URL of Downloader as given below and press enter key.


Tyr the URL on Chrome

(3) If Chrome prompts you with need for storage access, select Continue.

Select Continue - Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box

(4) Click Allow on the following prompt to access media file on the device.

Click Allow

(5) Choose the folder in which you want to download the Downloader apk and store it. For example, Download.

(6) Following this, you shall need to click Download button on the pop-up.

  • Check in Don’t ask me again to make the location default download location.
Choose the Folder - Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box

(7) Get back to home screen of MXQ Pro 4K to select File Browser tile.

Select File Browser

(8) Navigate to the Download location under Local files.

Click Download

(9) Highlight Downloader apk file and press OK button on the remote.

Click Downloader apk

(10) On the prompt, select Settings to install unknown apps from FileBrowser.

Select Settings options

(11) When directed to device settings, click on the slider next to FileBrowser to turn it on.

Turn on Slider of FileBrowser

(12) Get back to FileBrowser and click on Downloader apk file to click Install.

(13) After installing, click Open to launch Downloader on your MXQ Pro 4K.

(14) Click Allow and then OK when Downloader prompts you.

Downloader  - Jailbreak MXQ Pro 4K Box

That’s all. MXQ Pro 4K is jailbroken successfully using the Downloader app. With this, you can sideload any third-party app onto the device in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is jailbreaking MXQ Pro 4K legal and safe?

Yes. Since you own the device, you can jailbreak it without any issues. The real problem occurs only if you stream illegal or copyright-protected contents.

What are the specification of MXQ Pro 4K Box?

You will find Amlogic S905 Quad Core Cortex-A53 chipset with Penta Core Mali-450. It has 8 GB of flash with Android 6. The box supports a variety of media formats, subtitles, and languages.

What will I miss with MXQ Pro 4K?

It lacks few features like Bluetooth, low RAM, simple user-interface, etc.