Android is the most user-friendly OS to use not only on the smartphone but also on the smart TV. When compared to Android built-in smart TV, Android boxes are a much affordable option to consider. MXQ Pro 4K is one such Android Box that has been around for years. This smart streaming media player runs on an Amlogic CPU with Quad-core ARM. Like any other Android device, MXQ Pro gets firmware updates once in a while. Hence, you need to update MXQ Pro firmware for better performance. Since MXQ Pro is based on Amlogic, the section below guides you on its firmware update process using Amlogic USB Burning, a firmware updating tool.

How to Update MXQ Pro Firmware to the Latest Version?

Follow the below given steps if you want to update your MXQ Pro firmware.

Things you Need

  • Windows PC
  • USB to USB cable
  • Amlogic USB Burning Tool installed on PC
  • Pin or toothpick to press the reset button

Steps to Update MXQ Pro

(1) Open the browser of your choice on your Windows PC.

(2) Visit and download the latest version of MXQ Pro software.

Download MXQ Pro Latest Firmware

(3) Connect one end of the USB to USB cable to the Windows PC and the other end to the MXQ Pro.

(4) Use the pin or toothpick to press and hold the reset button of MXQ Pro located inside the AV port.

  • You should continue holding the reset button for about 10 seconds.

(5) Now, click on the Amlogic USB Burning tool on your PC from the download location.

(6) On the setup wizard, you shall need to select Next in all the window.

Setup USB Burning Tool

(7) The USB Burning tool will opens up on your PC.

  • If you see a different language, then click on the second (View) option in the menu bar to select English.
Change Language

(8) The following window will appear if MXQ Pro is correctly connected to PC.

Connection Success

(9) Hover to click on File menu to select Import image option.

Select Import Image

(10) Navigate to the right side and un-check the Overwrite Key checkbox under Configuration.

Uncheck Overwrite Key to Update MXQ Pro

(11) Then press Start button resides just above to start the updating process.

  • You will find the downloading progress under Status.
Firmware Update MXQ Pro

(12) Wait until the firmware updation process to complete. Once done, click on Stop button.

Select Stop to Update MXQ Pro

Upon carrying out the above steps, your MXQ Pro gets the latest update. Hope this section was helpful to you. Drop a comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does MXQ Pro shut down and power off automatically?

If there is any issue with the firmware, then MXQ Pro will bring in such issue. In order to resolve this, you need to dowload ROM firmware to flash the device.

How to resolve MXQ Pro freezing issue?

Make sure your internet connection is stable and is more than 20mbps. Chekc if the box is fuctioning properly. If issue persists, then restart MXQ Pro.

Is MXQ Pro+ TV box comes pre-loaded with Kodi?

Yes. You will get the Kodi version 16.0 installed on MXQ Pro+ Android TV box.