Hulu is one of many streaming platforms that are available only in the USA. It is a subscription-based platform that offers various TV shows, movies, original series, live TVs, and more. With a Hulu subscription, you can get more than 60 channels, live TV recording, along 50 hours of cloud storage. Hulu is available as a native application in most of the smart TVs. Moreover, few TVs have got a dedicated Hulu button on their remote. Vizio smart TVs are one among them. We came up with this workaround to help with how to watch Hulu on Vizio smart TV.

Subscription Cost

  • Basic – $5.99/month
  • Ad-free Premium – $11.99/month
  • Hulu Plus Basic + Live TV – $54.99/month
  • Hulu Plus Ad-free Premium + Live TV – $60.99/month

Hulu on Vizio Smart TV

First, you need to know which TV model are you using. Based on the model, the installation procedure may differ. And few TVs come with an in-built Hulu application. To add more, few TV has got a dedicated Hulu button on your TV remote. However, in a few Vizio TV models, we cannot install the app, or we may not be able to get the premium services. So make sure of the TV model you use and proceed.

Hulu on Vizio Smart TV (Preinstalled)

Most of the recent Vizio smart TVs will have the Hulu app preinstalled.

Remote with Hulu button

If you have got a dedicated Hulu button on your remote, all you have to do is press the button to launch the application.

1). Press the Hulu button on your remote.

Vizio TV remote Hulu button

2). It will open the app.

3). Sign in with your existing account credentials. Or choose the Start your free trial button.

Remote without Hulu button

1). Press the V button on your Hulu TV remote.

Remote Vizio - V button

2). You can find the Hulu app on the VIA dock.

3). Launch the Hulu app.

4). If you have an already existing account, sign in using the credentials.

How to Install Hulu on Vizio Smart TV

If you cannot find the application on the VIA dock or there is no button on your remote, then you have to download the application on your Vizio smart TV. So you have to access Yahoo! Smart TV Store or Vizio App Store on VIA TVs. Follow the steps given below to installed the Hulu app on Vizio Smart TV.

1). Press the V button on your TV remote and navigate to the app store.

2). Now scroll to find the Hulu app. And open it.

3). Then click on the Download button or OK button to install the Hulu app.

4). Now launch the Hulu app and sign in with your existing account credentials. Or Start a free trial.

If you cannot find the Hulu app even after searching, then probably your TV will no have the native app support. So you can use the Chromecast options to stream the Hulu app on your Vizio smart TV.

How to Chromecast Hulu on Vizio Smart TV

Hulu app has got native Chromecast support. And most of your Vizio smart TV has got in-built Chromecast feature.

1). Connect your smartphone that has the Hulu app and your Vizio smart TV to the same WiFi network.

2). Open the Hulu app on your smartphone. Then log in to your account.

3). Tap the Cast icon on the screen.

4). Choose your Vizio Smart TV.

5). On a successful connection, start playing the contents, and it will appear on your TV.

So one of the above methods would help you to watch Hulu on Vizio Smart TV. If you have any queries or doubts, ping us in the comment section below.

How to Reinstall Hulu on Vizio Smart TV

1). Tap the VIA button on the remote.

2). Select the Hulu app and click the yellow button on the remote.

3). Now, open the Widget Gallery and select Hulu.

4). Choose the Add Widget to My Profile button. The Hulu app will be reinstalled on your Vizio TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get Hulu on my Vizio TV?

The app is preinstalled on your Vizio Smart TV. If not, you can install the app using the App Store.

2. Is Hulu available on Vizio TVs?

The app is available on selected Vizio Smart TV. You can check all supported models on the Vizio Support page.