The streaming giant Netflix app is available on various devices. With Netflix, you can enjoy various movies, TV series, and other short films. It is a subscription-based streaming service that offers a huge library of content. The subscription ranges from $8.99/month to $17.99/month based on the quality and number of devices. Philips is one of the top-selling smart TVs in the world. There are many ways to stream Netflix on Philips Smart TV.

We have got Philips Android TV and Philips Roku TV. Luckily the Netflix app is available on both TV OS. You can get the app from the Play Store as well as the Roku Channel Store.

How to Install Netflix on Philips Smart TV (Preinstalled)

If your remote has the Netflix button, all you have to do is,

1. Connect your TV to the internet.

2. Point the remote toward your TV and press the Netflix button.

Netflix on Philips Smart TV

3. The Netflix app will launch and you can sign in with your account.

4. Now, the contents will start loading on your TV.

If the Netflix button is not available on the remote, you have to open the app manually.

1. Press the home button on the remote with the device connected to the internet.

2.Go to the Apps section.

3. Select the Netflix app and press OK to launch the app.

Netflix on Philips Smart TV

4. Once the app is launched, you can sign in to your account.

5. A code will appear, go to and sign in to your account, then enter the code.

6. Now, your Netflix account on Philips TV will be activated.

7. Stream your favorite content.

How to Install Netflix on Philips Android TV

1. From your Android TV home screen, go to the Apps section.

2. Click on the Play Store app and click on the Search option.

3. Now, type Netflix with the on-screen instructions.

Android TV

4. Select the Netflix app from the search results.

5. Click on the Install button.

Netflix on Philips Android TV

6. Once the app is installed, click Open to launch the app.

7. Now, log in with your username and password to start streaming the contents.

How to Install Netflix on Philips Roku TV

1. From your Philips Roku TV home screen, click on the Streaming Channels.

Roku TV

2. Then, choose the Search Channels option.

3. Now, on the search screen, type Netflix and select the Netflix app.

Netflix on Philips Roku TV

4. Click on the Add Channel button.

5. Click the Go to Channel button to launch the Netflix app.

6. Now, log in with your Netflix account.

7. Browse your favorite content and start streaming.

Netflix Not Working on Philips Smart TV

A lot of Philips Smart TV users are complaining that they get errors while streaming the content on Netflix. The most common error is “Unable to connect to Netflix.” If you get any such errors, follow the below solutions.

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Sign out of the Netflix app and sign in again.
  • Reload the Netflix app and try again.
  • Restart your smart TV.
  • Reboot your WiFi connection.
  • If you are using any VPNs, turn off the VPN network and try again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I download Netlflix on Philips Smart TV?

You can install Netflix on both Android or Roku or any other smart TV.

2. Does Philips Smart TV have Google Play Store?

Yes, Philips Android TVs does have the Play Store.