In recent times, the fuzz is going on all about Google’s new streaming device, Chromecast with Google TV. Google TV comes with a lot of new exciting features when compared to its previous editions. The major new feature in Google TV is the Play Store and installation of apps. For every streaming device, there will be some must-have apps. For Google TV, it is a must to have a VPN app to protect your personal information. Among all the VPNs, NordVPN is the best VPN for Chromecast with Google TV.

NordVPN is one of the verified and trustworthy VPN providers which gives you access to almost all countries. NordVPN is officially available on the Play Store and can easily be installed on Google TV.

How To Install NordVPN On Google TV

You can download the NordVPN on your Chromecast with Google TV in two ways.

  • Using Play Store
  • Using Downloader

How To Download NordVPN Directly On Google TV

[1] Switch on your Google TV.

[2] Select the Search button on the top of the screen.

Search button

[3] The on-screen keyboard will appear. Enter NordVPN and click the Search icon.

NordVPN on Google TV

[4] From the listed apps, choose the NordVPN app.

[5] After choosing NordVPN, select the Install button.

[6] When the VPN finishes downloading, click the Open button.

[7] Now, NordVPN will get launch on your Google TV.

How To Sideload NordVPN On Google TV

Though the NordVPN app is available on the Play Store, you can use the third-party tool (Downloader) to get the NordVPN app on your Google TV.

Install Downloader on Google TV

[1] Enter the Downloader app on the search box.

[2] Select the Downloader app and tap the Install button.

Downloader app

[3] Now, click the Done button to leave the installation screen.

Turn on Developer Mode

[1] Go to the Profile icon on your Google TV.

[2] Choose Settings and select the About option.

NordVPN on Google TV

[3] Now, tap the Android TV OS build seven times.

Developer mode

[4] This will enable the developer mode on your Google TV.

[5] Then, go back to Settings and choose Apps.

[6] Open the Security & Restrictions menu and choose the Unknown Sources option.

[7] On the list of apps, select the Downloader app and turn on the Unknown Sources toggle.

NordVPN on Google TV

Sideloading NordVPN on Google TV

[1] From your home screen, choose the Downloader app.

[2] Enter the NordVPN download link ( in the search bar.

NordVPN on Google TV

[3] Then, tap the Go button to download the NordVPN apk file.

[4] Once the VPN apk file is download, select the Install option.

[5] After the installation, you can open the NordVPN on Google TV by tapping the Open button.

How To Use NordVPN On Google TV

[1] When you open the NordVPN app for the first time, you will get the Sign Up screen. Click Sign In if you have a NordVPN account. Click Sign Up to create a NordVPN account.

[2] After the successful sign-in, you will get the NordVPN homepage.

Connect now button

[3] Click the Connect now button to connect to the fastest server.

NordVPN on Google TV

[4] For the first time, it will ask you to give permission to connect to a VPN network. Click the OK button.

NordVPN on Google TV

[5] If you want to select any specific country, go to All Countries and choose a country.

NordVPN on Google TV

[6] In Specialty servers, you can pick the nature of servers like P2P, Dedicated IP, Double VPN, and more.

NordVPN on Google TV

[7] Under the Settings menu, you will find the My Subscription option to manage your subscriptions. Other than that, you can change the VPN protocol, Custom DNS, and more.

Settings menu

[8] Once you choose all the preferred settings, click the Connect now button.

[9] Your Google TV will be connected to an encrypted network.


1. Does NordVPN work on Android TV?

Yes, NordVPN will work on all the Android TV models.

2. How do I use Google TV with VPN?

Use the instruction mentioned above. If you have any doubts, let us know in the comments below.