Nowadays, Smart TVs are getting more new features and are advanced in user interface & apps compatibility. You can install almost every smartphone apps on Smart TV and use them without any issues. If you are a Plex pass subscriber, you can easily install Plex on Vizio Smart TV. We all know, Plex has two types of apps: Plex Media Player and Plex Media Server. For Vizio Smart TV, you can install the Plex Media Player app.

Plex Media Player on Vizio Smart TV comes with certain limitations. The app is only applicable to the 2013-2016 models. For 2017 and later models, the app is not available yet. In addition to that, Vizio Smart TV itself has some limitations. You can install apps only on the Vizio Internet Apps model (VIA TVs). You can’t install apps on Smartcast TV models.

How to Install Plex on Vizio TV (VIA Model)?

(1) Turn on your Vizio TV and press the V button on the remote.

(2) It will open the Vizio App menu. On the top. you will see options like My Apps, Featured, Latest, and so on.

Plex on Vizio TV

(3) Go to the All Apps section. You will see the Plex app. if the app is not available, search for the app. Select the Plex app.

Plex on Vizio TV

(4) On the next screen, click the Install button.

(5) The installation will begin and when it is completed, click the OK button.

(6) Open the Plex app and stream your favorite video content.

Cast Plex on Vizio Smart TV

If the Plex app is not available for your Vizio Smart TV, you can cast the Plex app from your smartphone. All the Vizio Smart TV has built-in support for Chromecast.

(1) Install the Plex app from the Play Store or App Store.

(2) Open the Plex app and tap on the Cast icon.

Cast icon

(3) Your smartphone will search for nearby casting devices.

(4) When it appears, tap on your Vizio Smart TV.

(5) Now, choose any of the videos from the app. It will be cast on your Vizio Smart TV.

(6) To stop the casting, tap on the Cast icon and choose Disconnect.

Install the Plex Media Player app on your Smart TV, if it is VIA model. For Smartcast Vizio Smart TVs, cast the video contents from the smartphone to your Vizio TV. If you have any doubts, tell us in the comments section below.

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1. How do I update my Plex app on my Vizio TV?

You can update the Plex app easily on your Vizio Smart TV. Here is how you update apps on Vizio Smart TV.

2. Why won’t plex work on my smart TV?

Plex will work fine if it is compatible with your Smart TV. If it is not working, check your internet connectivity and reinstall the app. Also, check whether the app is updated to the latest version.