Pluto TV offers 250+ live TV channels along with on-demand movies and TV shows. And almost all streaming platforms support Pluto TV like Android, iOS, Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, set-up boxes, Xbox, PlayStation, and few smart TVs too. Likewise, there is also an official app in the Apple TV App Store. From where you can download and watch Pluto TV on Apple TV.

Pluto TV on Apple TV

Pluto TV app is available on the official App Store so that you can download the app. Moreover, there are few other ways left to stream the Pluto TV on an Apple TV. And let us discuss all the methods down.

How to Download Pluto TV on Apple TV

1). Press the home button on Apple TV and go to the home screen.

2). Open the Apps Section and find the App Store.

App store on Apple TV

3). Hover to the Search bar and start typing Pluto TV.

Search on Apple TV

4). From the list of suggestions, choose the Pluto TV app.

5). Now click on Install or Get on the app installation page.

Pluto TV on Apple TV

6). After the download, tap the Open button.

7). Now, login to your account and watch your favorite TV shows on Apple TV.

How to Cast Pluto TV on Apple TV: Using iOS Device

1). Connect your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to the same WiFi network as that of your Apple TV.

2). Make sure that you have downloaded the Pluto TV app on your phone or tablet.

3). Now open the application and start playing the video.

4). Tap the Cast icon on the top of the screen.

5). Choose Apple TV from the devices list.

6). Your Pluto TV will now be streamed on your TV. To stop the casting, tap the Cast icon and choose the iPhone or iPad.

How to Cast Pluto TV on Apple TV: Using Mac PC

1). Connect your Mac and your Apple TV to the same WiFi network.

2). Then, launch the Chrome browser on your Mac PC.

3). Go to the Pluto website.

4). Log in to your account if required.

5). Start Playing your favorite content.

6). Click on the Airplay icon on the playback screen.

7). Choose your Apple TV from the list of devices that appeared.

8). Now, the video will be played on the Apple TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I activate Pluto TV?

By using the Pluto Activation website, you can activate the app with the code.

2. What channels are free on Pluto TV?

All the channels available on the Pluto TV app is free.