Roku media players take the top place among the best streaming media players. It is the simplest and cost-efficient way to get entertained for hours. Roku officially has a dedicated channel store where you will find all its compatible channels. While Roku Channel Store isn’t the biggest, it still has a decent number of channels. Of which, this section deals entirely with Viki on Roku. It is a great platform to stream Asian and Korean video content.

The library of Viki gets updated regularly, and it has something interesting for everyone. Users are allowed to create a personal list to save contents to watch them later. Besides this, you can rate the shows and help others decide between streaming or not.

Viki Plans & Pricing

It is a subscription-based entertainment app. It is available for free, and its in-app purchases include different types of Viki Pass. The price range of Viki Pass starts at $3.99, while the highest being $99.99.

Procedure to Install Viki on Roku

Rakuten Viki is a Roku OS-compatible channel and is available on Roku Channel Store officially.

(1). After connecting your Roku media player to the internet, press the Home key of the Roku remote.

(2). Using the navigation keys, choose the Streaming Channels option.

Streaming Channels - Viki on Roku

(3). When Channel Store opens up, select the Search Channels.

Search Channels

(4). Navigate on the on-screen keys to type as Viki or Rakuten Viki to search for it.

(5). From the search result, select the Viki app and wait for it to take you to its installation page.

(6). Navigate to click on the Add Channel option and wait for the installation of the Viki channel to complete on Roku.

Procedure to Activate Viki on RokuOS

After you have added the Viki, you need to activate it to use on RokuOS.

(1). On your Roku TV, navigate on the Home screen to click on Viki to launch the channel.

(2). The screen will display an activation code, which you have to make a note of.

(3). Open a browser on your phone or PC and go to the Viki Activation link.

(4). Sign in with your account and enter the activation code.

Log In

(5). With this, the channel gets activated on Roku TV, and you shall start using its features.

Note: Alternatively, go to and enter the activation code.

Activation Code

Procedure to Remove Viki Channel from Roku

If in case you longer wish to use Viki on Roku, then here are the steps to remove it.

(1). Select the Streaming Channels option from the left pane and press OK to open Channel Store.

(2). Choose Viki among the list of channels installed on RokuOS. Click OK.

(3). Select Remove Channel from the list of options.

(4). If prompted to confirm, click Remove, and the Viki channels get removed.

Installing, using, and removing the Viki channel on Roku requires the above procedure. We hope it has been helpful to you in dealing with the same. If in case you have got any doubts or queries, then drop a comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Viki available on Roku?

As of now, Viki is available on the Roku Channel Store.

Is Viki for free?

Viki is available for free. But, to get exclusive content free of ads, you have to get Viki Pass, which costs $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.