Smart is becoming an inseparable word in today’s electronic world. Having said that Smart TV is another prestigious production of LG company. You can download the YouTube TV application and watch YouTube on LG Smart TV. Enjoy the YouTube content on a bigger screen which is very simple.

Steps to Watch YouTube on LG Smart TV using App

LG Content Store: It is Just like your App Store or Play Store where you can download your favorite applications for your Smart TV.

  • Okay, first you need to have a YouTube account if you haven’t just Sign up already.
  • On your LG smart TV remote control press the Home Button.
  • It will take you to the LG Content Store. You can find “Apps” on the left pane.
  • Now Search YouTube TV on your content store. Then download the application.
  • The app will be installed and now you can find the YouTube TV application on your Home screen.
YouTube TV app - Watch YouTube on LG Smart TV

YouTube Kids on LG Smart TV

Search YouTube Kids in order to download the YouTube Kids application. YouTube Kids application only allows videos that can be watched by all age groups by preventing mature contents.

YouTube Kids

Watch YouTube on LG Smart TV from Phone

This is an another way of watch the YouTube videos on your LG Smart TV. To do this there is a feature on the YouTube app called Watch on TV.

  • Open the YouTube application on your mobile phone or PC and go to Settings.
  • Tap Watch on TV.
  • Under the Link with TV Code, tap on Enter TV Code.

Now switch back to the YouTube app on TV.

  • Go to settings on the YouTube app.
  • Tap on Link with TV Code.
  • Note down the code displayed in blue color.

Now enter the code on your YouTube app on your phone. With this, you have linked your YouTube app on your phone and TV. You can now watch or cast YouTube videos from your phone on your TV. The highlight of this feature is that you can minimize the YouTube app and perform any other work on your phone and the casting operation will not be disturbed.

Google Activation code - Watch YouTube on LG Smart TV

Cast YouTube to TV using Chromecast

In case if you have an old LG TV that doesn’t have the channel store, then you can also use Chromecast to simply cast YouTube Videos to your LG smart TV.

  • Connect Chromecast to power and connect it to the HDMI port to your smart TV.
  • Now connect your Chromecast to the WiFi network as same as that of your device.
  • Download Google Home Application. Log in and search for the available devices. Now select your Chromecast device and click Continue.
  • You will find a code on your TV and on your device. Just Tap “That’s my code“. Sometimes you can enter the coder appearing on the TV manually.
  • Now go to YouTube and Play any video. Tap the Cast Icon to cast your content to TV.

In the case of the iPhone, you can use the Airplay option. Connect the device and TV to the same WiFi network. Select the YouTube App on your iPhone and now click on Airplay. Select the LG Smart TV from the available devices. And now you can see the contents.

Nowadays mostly all Smart TVs and Android TVs has built in Chromecast which can be used to cast YouTube.

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And that’s how you Watch YouTube on LG Smart TV. Sometimes you may not see the YouTube app showing up on your TV. This may be due to discontinuing of an older version. Just update the YouTube app and you can find it back. Enjoy and lets us know your experience in the comment section.