YouTube app has been made compatible with a wide range of smart TVs, including Samsung. It gives you an immersed streaming experience with family and friends. With YouTube on Samsung Smart TV, you can watch almost anything from the latest music to sports videos and more. You can sit back and enjoy even without clicking or searching for a video. Search for videos over voice command using the Samsung TV remote.

Just like the mobile platform, you will get recommendations, favorite content, and more on Samsung TV. Almost all of the newest Samsung TV comes with YouTube installed. Only those older models require installing the YouTube app. Find out the steps to install and activate YouTube on Samsung TV from here.

Procedure to Get YouTube on Samsung Smart TV

If in case your Samsung Smart TV doesn’t come with the YouTube app, then these are the steps to install.

(1) Launch the Main Menu on your Samsung smart TV.

(2) Navigate to the Samsung Apps icon to highlight and select it.

(3) Go to the top-left corner of the screen to click on the Search bar.

(4) Enter the app name as YouTube on the search field and press Enter button on the Samsung TV remote.

(5) From the list of results, select the YouTube app.

(6) Click on the Install button to get it on Samsung TV.

Procedure to Activate YouTube on Samsung Smart TV

Whether YouTube is built-in or you manually installed it, activating it is important.

(1) Open the YouTube app on your Samsung TV.

(2) Using the remote navigation key, select the Sign In icon from the left pane.

Click on Profile icon to Install YouTube on Samsung Smart TV

(3) Choose Sign In button on the Accounts screen of the YouTube app.

Select Sign in Button

(4) You will find the activation code on Samsung TV.

(5) Open the browser on a phone or PC and go to

(6) When prompted, enter the activation code as shown on the Samsung TV and press Next.

Enter Activation Code

(7) On the Terms and conditions screen, click on the Allow button.

Click on Allow

(8) Upon completing the sign-in process, wait for the confirmation screen to appear on your phone or PC.

YouTube Activation Success

(9) With this, you can start streaming YouTube content on Samsung smart TV.

YouTube on Samsung Smart TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the YouTube app compatible with all the Samsung TV models?

Mostly. You will find YouTube app pre-installed on all the latest models. YouTube announced that it would no longer be functioning on older generation Samsung TVs. So, those with a smart TV from 2011 or 2012 might be exclusion.

How to resolve YouTube app freezing or grey screen issues on Samsung TV?

If YouTube brings in such issues, then you need to close YouTube and launch it back. Turn off your Samsung TV, turn it on, and try opening YouTube. If either of the ways hasn’t made YouTube work, then uninstall the app and install it back. Also, check if the app is updated to the latest version. See how to update apps on Samsung Smart TV.

Can I stream YouTube from phone to Samsung TV?

Yes. YouTube app on any smartphone is a cast ready app, and a click on it will transfer the YouTube video onto the Samsung TV. You shall work on other apps on your phone as YouTube works in the background.

Why don’t I find the Install button on the YouTube info screen on Samsung App Store?

If you don’t find the Install button, then it means YouTube is already available on your Samsung TV. This also means the app hasn’t been uninstalled properly. In either case, you need to click on the uninstall button and reinstall it.