How to Change Language on Roku [Step By Step]

Change Language on Roku

Roku is the most secured media streaming player of all. It has a tight security layer and cannot be jailbroken like Firestick or Android TV. Hence, users are limited to access only the official channels. Although you cannot make it function out-of-box, it still supports customization. i.e., it lets the users tweak their settings and personalize the user experience. Customization includes changing the device language. By default, Roku is set to English, and users can change it with the available languages. Get to learn the steps to change the language on Roku by reading the section below.

How to Change Language on Roku?

The section below will help you out with changing the language on the Roku media player.

(1). Press the Home button on the Roku TV remote.

(2). When the home screen loads up, select Settings option.

(3). Choose System and further highlight Language option on the right.

Change Language on Roku - Choose Language

(4). Select the language of your choice from the available ones.

Change Language on Roku

(5). With this, Roku’s interface will start displaying the contents in the language you have chosen.

How to Change the Language of Captions on Roku?

Roku lets users change the subtitle or closed caption language as well. Here goes the procedure.

(1). On your Roku remote, press Home key to get its home screen.

(2). Choose Settings option and highlight Captions.

Change Language on Roku - Select Captions

(3). Select Captions preferred language and click the language of your choice under Captions Style screen.

Change CC Language on Roku

Important: This will work only on the contents with subtitle support.

Have you been able to change the device language and CC language on your Roku media player? Hope that was useful to you. Comment us below if in case you have any queries or suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CC or closed captions active by default?

No. CC will not be active by default. At times, the closed captions will be activated by the channel, and Roku users need not turn it on.

Can I customize closed captions on Roku?

Yes. Roku lets users customize the CC. Just go to Settings > Accessibility > Caption Style > preview shows the changes made. In addition, you can customize background color, opacity, etc.

Is the subtitle style and size uniform?

No. By default, the style and size of the CC are uniforms on Roku. Users can change it. To do so, click Settings > Captions Style > choose color, style, edge, size, etc.