Spectrum is another streaming service that offers 200+ Live TV channels. It is one of the top entertainment Platforms that support various platforms. The packages start from $44.99/month, $114.98/month to $124.97/month, depending upon the package you choose. The devices like Android and iOS-based devices, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, all provide native support to Spectrum TV. Unfortunately, Chromecast is not on the list and still in the discussion state. But still, you can Stream Spectrum TV on Chromecast through Screen Mirroring.

Stream Spectrum TV on Chromecast

You can Stream Spectrum TV on Chromecast by screen mirroring from Android Mobile using Google Home App. Likewise, you can also screen mirror from your iPhone or iPad using Google Streamer App.

Stream Spectrum TV on Chromecast using Google Home App

Google Home - Stream Spectrum TV on Chromecast

Step 1: Set up your Chromecast device

Connect your Chromecast device with the TV using the HDMI cable and power it on. Simultaneously, connect your Chromecast to the WiFi network.

Step 2: Device and Chromecast

Now, connect your Smartphone or PC to the same WiFi network as Chromecast. This will enable your Device and Chromecast to establish a connection between the two so that it would be easy for your Smartphone to scan and connect to Chromecast.

When you are done with the above-mentioned steps, then go for the following.

Step 3: Google Home App

Download Google Home App from Playstore
Get Google Home App for Android

Download and install Google Home on your Smartphone. Launch the Google Home app and tap “Get Started“. Now choose the Google Account and log in.

Download Google Home App from App store
Download Google Home App for IOS

Step 4: Mirror your Screen

Now, tap on “Create a New Home“. The Google Home app will scan for available devices and lists them on your screen. Choose your Chromecast device and start broadcasting. Now, you can see your Mobile screen on your Television.

Step 5: Stream Spectrum TV

Finally, Download the Spectrum TV app on your iOS or Android Smartphone from the Play Store / Apple App Store. Launch and log in to your account. Choose your channel and play any video or movie or show on your Smartphone. It will be streamed on your Chromecast connected TV or screen.

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This is applicable for both iOS and Android devices as Spectrum TV gives cast support for Chromecast. Do let us know your suggestions as comments below.