The wait for the NFL Game Pass 2020 season is over amidst the pandemic. The football league has started successfully and fans are overwhelmed. This season has added the support of some more devices in addition to those already compatible. It is no more a smartphone and smart TV app as you can stream NFL Game Pass on PS4 gaming console. If that sounds interesting, then check out the section for more information.

NFL Game Pass

With the NFL Game Pass, you can live stream your preferred team playing football match throughout the season. You will find their games along with the top NFL Originals featuring your team. In addition to watching a live match, you can watch catch-ups, game highlights, NFL Network channel live 24/7. It will let you watch all the regular NFL contents and you can download them to watch it on the go. With the game pass, you shall watch NFL films and find more about your favorite teams, player, etc.

NFL Game Pass Subscription Plans

Take a look at the table below to get a clear view of NFL Game Pass Subscription Plans and its features.

FreeLive & On-demand with select NFL Original programs
Pro $124.99/year
Live (All game, NFL RedZone & NFL Network)
On-demand (Highlights & NFL original)
Essential$37.99/yearLive (NFL RedZone & NFL Network)
On-demand (Highlights & NFL original)

How to Install NFL Game Pass on PS4?

Here are the steps you should follow to install NFL Game Pass on your PlayStation 4 gaming console.

(1) From the main screen of PlayStation 4 console, choose the PlayStation Store tile.

(2) Navigate to the top of the screen to select Search option with a lens.

Select Search - NFL Game Pass on PS4

(3) When the on-screen keyboard appears, use it to input the app name as NFL Game Pass. Meanwhile, if you get suggestions, select the same.

(5) Under Results, you need to choose NFL Game Pass tile to proceed.

(6) Hover to select Download button on its information window to start downloading it.

(7) The download and installation will take some time based upon your internet connectivity.

(8) If you could see Start button in place of Download, then click on it to launch NFL Game Pass.

(9) You shall proceed to log in to your account with necessary credentials to start watching NFL matches and events.

NFL Game Pass on PS4 Console

Alternatives Ways to Watch NFL Game Pass on PS4

In addition to using NFL Game Pass app, you shall stream its contents on the following apps as well.



If you have the Plex app installed on your PS4, then you shall get NFL Network Channel to stream NFL Game Pass. Thus, you can stream NFL matches while still using Plex to organize content. Plex is a free and open-source media server and is an affordable option to stream NFL Game Pass.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has almost 85+ live TV channels. This includes sports channels and thus streaming NFL Game Pass is possible. Make sure you choose the NBA, NFL, MLB Networks, FOX, ESPN, etc. With all these channels, you shall stream the NFL games titles on your PlayStation 4 gaming console. THE YouTube TV app costs $64.99/mo.



With Hulu+Live TV subscription, you shall stream NFL Game Pass on your PS4 gaming console. At $54.99/mo, you can use Hulu+Live TV to never miss watching your teams playing football matches. The better channel options include CBS, FOX, ESPN, NBC, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does NFL Game Pass available for all the PlayStation 4 users?

No. For now NFL Game Pass for PlayStation 4 is accessible only from select countries of the world.

What are the countries in which you can access NFL Pass using PS4?

It is available for users in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Greece, Germany. Besides this, you can stream from Italy, Iceland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Malta, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and UK.

What is the current version of NFL Game Pass on PlayStation 4 gaming console?

The current version of NFL Game Pass on PlayStation 4 is PS4 1.0.0

What’s included with Pro Plan?

With the Pro plan of NFL Game Pass, you will resume from where you left off, catch up mode for an instant recap, watch commercial-free Sunday in 60. In addition, users can find and watch content easier than before.

What’s included with Essential Plan?

In addition to all the pro features, you will get the option to access the Preseason Live with Essential plan of NFL Game Pass.